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I love that cat...

...which is the only reason why I haven't killed her.

When Aoki's out of food, she lets her humans know about it--usually by meowing a lot and knocking things over. This can be irksome at 7.30am when you didn't fall asleep until 4am, even more so when there's plenty of food in the bowl. But it's Friskies wet food--which we got as a treat--instead of the usual Purina E/N dry food that they eat 95% of the time. We were out of E/N--the plan was to get more this afternoon--but that was what Aoki wanted.

At 10, after being awakened three fucking times and having half my room knocked over, I threw some clothes on, went to the vet, and bought more E/N. Then, at last, I could sleep.

Which I did until 1.45, missing fighting class. Sigh.

Stupid cat.....
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