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I don't know how I feel about this....

I've been used as ammunition in a blog to rip into Judge Sotomayor.

As I've said before, the current Supreme Court nominee is a graduate of my high school, Cardinal Spellman H.S. in the Bronx. Two weeks ago on the web site for Kansas City's FOX 4 TV news, a person who posts as "WildernessVoice" put up this blog post about Judge Sotomayor. WV's premise was that Judge Sotomayor is less of a "rags to riches" story than the White House was promoting, and using her education at CSHS as an example of her "highly structured education with support mechanisms not available to your typical Bronx public-housing project child" (though CSHS has always been well-stocked with Bronx public-housing project children), including citing some of the high-profile alumnae from that school.

And I was on that list. *boggle*

Seriously, I was there along with Postmaster General John E. Potter, General Arthur Lichte USAF, Paula William Madison (an executive vice president at NBC Universal), John Kilcullen (the creator of the "For Dummies" books), Steve McGuinness (the managing director of Goldman Sachs), John M. Fahey (president & CEO of National Geographic), and Joe Lauria (UN correspondent for The Wall Street Journal).

All those folks, and Star Trek novel-writing me. *shakes head*

That's just -- just weird....
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