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caption this finals!

Back in this post I posted this picture, and asked you to caption it. Several people entered, and I have chosen the following five as the finalists. I leave it to you, the people, to vote.

Voting will remain open until midnight Eastern time on Friday 12 June 2009. The winner will receive a prize.

Poll #1413167 caption this!!!!

Which caption is funniest?

celticboy: "I'm NEVER driving with Keith again, he was about THIS far from the truck before he swerved"
xenaclone: "Are you talking to the invisible man again?" "Talking! We're totally making out!!"
bill_leisner: "Really, optimal ball-kicking distance is right here. That way, you get the full benefit of wearing pointy-toed shoes."
daytonward: "So I've got the little bastard by the back of his neck, right? And he's still giving me lip, so that's when I told him..." * see rest of entry below
slipjig: "Huh. Y'know, I don't remember George Lucas at the bar at all, but that's definitely his phone number. D'you think the Sharpie will wash off?"

* the rest of daytonward's entry: "'Look, dickbag: I don't know what you heard or who you heard it from, but Gandalf was not a rip-off of Obi-Wan Kenobi, so go play Sit 'n Spin with your lightsaber and let the grown-ups talk, all right?' Fuckin' DeCandido."

Here's the picture, in case you need a reminder:

So vote!
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