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Last night's very very intense fighting class and then following that by staying up until 3 writing D'Argo's Trial #3 has taken its toll, and I forgot my EZ Pass.

So I postponed my doctor's appointment a week and am not going to my usual Wednesday lunch thingie. I might go into Manhattan for one of the two possible things I was thinking about doing tonight, but I also might not. We'll see.

Fighting class really was great. There were seven of us. An odd number of people is always good, because that means that one person gets to sit out each round -- it generally rotates among the color belts (or, at least, the lower-ranked color belts; since I made green belt, whether or not I get to sit out is at Shihan's discretion -- he'll also occasionally let one of the older black belts take a round off in the latter portions in the class if they're starting to look fatigued).

One of the black belts present was Senpai Clai, who's been training at the dojo since it opened seventeen years ago and he was six years old. He's now 23, is a third-degree black belt (also the highest-ranking student in the dojo), and often wins international fighting tournaments. So fighting him is always an education. *wry grin* (He actually gave me some excellent advice during our fights, particularly with regards to defending against kicks, which remains my biggest problem.)

I had three (four?) fights with Shihan, and they were fantastic. Shihan is a phenomenal fighter, but always fights to the level of his opponent. Last night, he went at it pretty intensely with me, which meant he thought I could take it. And I actually held my own (which, in real terms, means I didn't get my head handed to me that badly), and even got a couple of shots in (I was particularly pleased with a side kick I got off on him).

Anyhow -- off to relax a bit.........

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