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Friday already?

Seems like it was just Monday..........

Yesterday was frustrating, as a trip to the PO box did not yield the check that should fucking well have been there. Then I had lunch with girasole and hung out at Midtown Comics just browsing until I calmed down. That was followed by a trip home on the express bus that took twice as long as usual thanks to, not one, but two wheelchair passengers who had to be loaded -- with the added entertainment value of the second wheelchair-bound passenger getting off after the first one, so the first one had to be unloaded, the second one put in farther from the door, and then the first one put back in closer to the door (the space for wheelchairs is very narrow on MTA express buses). It wasn't a problem as such, except for the bits where the first wheelchair passenger bitched and moaned about having to go through all that. (And, of course, they both got off before I did.)

The really ridiculous part was the woman next to me, who kept calling people (or maybe the same person, I couldn't tell) on her cell phone complaining about how long everything was taking. What was ridiculous was that the first wheelchair passenger got off at the first stop in the Bronx; the next stop is all of two blocks later, and the woman next to me got off there. If she was in such a rush, why didn't she get off at the first stop, as she could've walked the two blocks in less time than it took to get the wheelchair off the bus?

People are weird....

Anyhow, plan for today is to have lunch with some fellow ex-Census workers at a local pizza place, then check the PO box again in the hopes of moolah, then home to write. I have another original novel proposal that started to congeal in my head last night -- I have the setup and main character, I was just short a plot. The plot I did have wasn't working, but I think this new one may make it. Then the weekend will be spent either at the dojo doing karate things or at the computer scripting Farscape: Gone and Back #4.

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