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cat therapy

So another trip to the PO box was a waste on two fronts -- no checks, and then I found out that the check "fell through the cracks," and the soonest I'll get it is Wednesday. This, in a word, sucks. While I recognize that the financial hole I'm in that makes this check vital to me is entirely my own fault, being told it "fell through the cracks" after wasting $8 on two trips to midtown doesn't fill me with warm, fuzzy thoughts.

Speaking of which, "warm and fuzzy" is exactly what made me feel better. suricattus asked me to check on her cats while she's away from home, and having Boomer -- who's big, silly, and friendly -- run up to me and rub against my leg and roll on his back and generally be cute and affectionate as all heck really did wonders to make me feel better. (Even the Incredibly Recalcitrant Pandora came briefly out to acknowledge my existence and meow at me twice before retreating under the bed until I left like usual.)

Then I came home, and Aoki was all over me. While I was typing the first paragraph of this entry, she was in my lap.

Cats make everything better. *nods*

(So does air conditioning. The humidity in NYC today is stifling, with air you can swim through....)

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