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finally saw The Dark Knight

Yes, I know it was released last summer and was the most popular movie in the whole history of the whole history, and yes, I know I have my geek cred to maintain, but I only just tonight got around to seeing The Dark Knight when it debuted on HBO.

And it was damn good. Solid story, good action, good characterization, nice job by pretty much everyone. I love the way they showed the larger tapestry of Gotham City, the politics, the people, the criminals, the cops, the politicians, and so on.

Amusingly, though? I wasn't as blown away by Heath Ledger as everyone else was. Maybe my expectations were just too high, or maybe it's just that Ledger didn't live up to the standards of Mark Hamill's voice on various cartoons of the 1990s and early 2000s -- which is still the quintessential Joker. It's not that Ledger was bad -- he was certainly light-years ahead of Jack Nicholson's overrated performance from 1989's film -- but he actually interested me far less as the villain than Aaron Eckart's Harvey Dent, whose journey from hero to villain was beautifully done.

(Then again, Two-Face has always interested me more as a Bat-villain than the Joker....)

Christian Bale continues to make a terrible Batman, although he's a superlative Bruce Wayne. The voice he affects for Batman just doesn't work for me -- he sounds like a little kid trying to deepen his voice to sound tough.

And, of course, Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman were fucking brilliant, because they're Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman, and they could hardly be anything else.

Overall, though: good flick!
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