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on a Monday....

At the local Starbucks trying to finish off Farscape: Gone and Back #4. While I was sitting here, the skies went from clear and sunny and blue to cloudy and overcast to drizzly to pouring rain. Now it's letting up, so I'm hoping this was one of those passing storms, and it'll be dry again soon -- which is good, as I neglected to bring along an umbrella....

On other writerly fronts: Licensor and licensor's agent both like the YA proposal, with a few tweaks, so I have to do some minor revisions and write the three sample chapters. varkat has received the urban fantasy proposal and put it in her queue, and gave me good feedback on the mystery, so I have to revise that proposal and write sample chapters as well. I have to do all this in the next week or so, because once I get back from Charlotte on the 23rd, I have to focus my creative energies exclusively on finishing StarCraft: Ghost: Spectres from then until the end of July (when the book's due).

Cha cha cha.

In the time it's taken me to write this post, the rain has lightened considerably. This is good.
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