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Mark Waid remains evil, and other Heroes Con photos

We had a ton of Farscape comics at the booth:

Michael Alan Nelson (writer of the brilliant Hexed miniseries, as well as various Cthulhu comics and other spiffy things like the upcoming 28 Days Later comic), chatting with a fan:

Mark Waid (E-i-C at BOOM!, and writer of Irredeemable, Unthinkable, Potter's Field, and other stuff published by other companies that matter less *chuckle*) signing a copy of The Incredibles while BOOM! Boss Ross Richie and Johanna Stokes (co-writer of Mr. Stuffins and former Eureka staff writer) look on:

Mark Waid Is Evil -- and I've got the shirt to prove it! (Seriously, this is a true classic....)

Ross Richie is not evil -- but don't you mess with his ass, neither, yo....

And now some other folks 'round the con:

Two guys in bizarre-ass outfits. This con has a low percentage of costumers, so these guys stood out more than they might've elsewhere:

Sweet Christmas, it's Power Man!

Plush Rorschach, a.k.a. BEST TOY EVER!!!!

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