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Boogie Knights on demand at Shore Leave!

As usual, the Boogie Knights will be performing in our standard Saturday-at-11am time slot at Shore Leave 31.

However, we're doing something a little different this time: Boogie Knights On Demand!

Roughly every other song will be selected at random from a bowl that will be filled with song requests made by the audience before the show.

Yes, that's right, you get to pick six of our songs! We can't guarantee that we'll remember every song in our repertoire, but we'll do our darndest.

We'll also be playing some recently written songs that have only been performed this year, including possibly one (written by me) that will have its debut at Shore Leave.

So come check us out if you're at Shore Leave this year!

(And hey, don't forget that I'm being roasted for charity on Friday night....)
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