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I love our landlord, really I do...

...but every once in a while.... *sigh*

Let me preface this by saying that our landlords -- a husband and wife, and the sweetest people in the universe -- are wonderful. We love them all to pieces. However, being organized is not something listed in their skillset.....

We haven't had hot water since Tuesday afternoon, when I tried to shower and was greeted with ice water. I told the wife about it Tuesday, and was told the husband would come by that night. When I called Wednesday after another ice shower, he told me he forgot to come by, but would that afternoon.

I just found out from The Cuz that he had her on the phone last night checking everything and insisting that we really did have hot water and made her check all the switches. (Apparently all four of us -- me, terri_osborne, The Cuz, and her roomie -- were all just making this up. *headdesk*

Finally, when I got back from the pshrink this a.m., the guy was there to fix it. Apparently there are half a dozen things wrong with it, including messed-up valves and an oil leak. Joy.

With luck, we will at last have hot water later this afternoon.
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