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Feeling a little better this a.m. (or, rather, afternoon), but only a little. I took the last of our painkillers yesterday afternoon, and it didn't get brutal again until after the drug stores were all closed. Sigh.

As a result, last night was a most miserable night of sleep, with me waking up in agony every two hours, putting an ice pack on my head, and then going back to sleep to dream about negotiating trade agreements with the state of Minnesota (really!).

Just went out on a beautiful day that I totally can't appreciate to take out my last $20 until my next check shows up (which should be Tuesday), and bought (among other things) a fresh bottle of CVS's generic version of Excedrin migraine. Took three of 'em, and I'm already feeling the difference.

terri_osborne thinks this is a migraine, which is kinda scary, as I've never been subject to migraines -- like, ever.

Speaking of Terri -- she has decided to move out. Our building is a three-apartment townhouse with two 3BRs on the second and third floors and a 1BR on the ground floor. The ground-floor apartment has been vacant since The Cuz and her roommie moved up to the third floor and we moved to the second floor, and Terri intends to move down there. Staying in the same apartment seemed like a good idea at the time when we split at the end of April, but the subsequent two months have made it clear that living together was just pouring salt into each others' wounds.

So it'll be a pretty chaotic summer 'round these parts.

Meanwhile, I'm going to go have a lie down.......

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