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D'Argo's Lament #3 reviews

First from the ever-reliable Andrea Speed of comiXtreme, who gave it a 3/5, and admitted to not being fully engaged with this story.

Money quote:
This is probably the strongest issue to date story wise, and the art looks great, especially with our truly weird looking aliens.

Next is dvandom's capsule reviews for the week, where he mildly recommends it.

Money quote:
Aha! The subtitle finally makes sense, as a bit of D'Argo's backstory (involving his tattoos) is fleshed out.

And finally, we have Liam Bradley at Comic Related, who gushes over it, after admitting to not being a fan of Farscape. (This would make him virtually unique at CR, based on the guys from there I met at Heroes Con... *chuckle*)

Money quote:
Great work from the entire creative team. I don't know much about the TV series and never got round to reading the first two issues of the comic. But I tell you this, I wish I did. I quickly read over this issue, taking in the awesome artwork and skimming through the story, skimming so much that I knew what was going on but not thoroughly enough to truly appreciate the fine storytelling. I decided it was worth my while going back and reading the first two issues, just so I knew what was what.

Seriously the book's pretty much perfect. I've no gripes at all. The artwork is awesome, the storyline is great and the dialogue is funny and gripping.
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