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irons in the fire update


Strange Detractors: All four issues are now published, as of yesterday.

D'Argo's Lament: First three issues are out, and #4 is just about finished (the final colors are just being approved by Henson), and will be out later this month.

Gone and Back: Just finished the final revisions on the script for #4 yesterday. The art for #1 is all done, and the colors are almost there. Issue #1 should be out this month, which if so will finally put us back on the original schedule (remember, #1 of "The Beginning of the End of the Beginning" was supposed to be out in November rather than December, and #2 was supposed to be out in December rather than February; we made up one month by releasing TBotEotB #4 and Strange Detractors #1 both in April, and having SD #4 and G&B #1 both in July will make up the other one). Cha cha cha.

D'Argo's Trial: Did the final revisions on the scripts for both #3 and 4 earlier this week, so my part there is done. Waiting for final art on #1, but the pencils were fantastic. Issue #1 should be out in August.

Tangled Roots: Rockne's already written the plot -- on today's agenda is the page breakdown of the arc, then diving into the script for #1.

D'Argo's Quest: Also on today's agenda is to finally write out the full proposal for this.


Ghost Academy: Chapters 1-4 of Volume 1 are fully and wholly approved. Still waiting for final notes on Chapter 5. Fernando Furukawa has begun the artwork, and what I've seen so far is just frabjous. We're on track to publish Volume 1 in January 2010. Once the final okay comes in on Chapter 5, I need to look over the outlines for Volumes 2 and 3, as they need some revising to be in line with the changes that were made to Volume 1 over the course of writing it. I also need a schedule from TokyoPop as to when they want them delivered.....

Spectres: About 46,000 words of this novel are written, and the whole schmear is due 1 August. Next week, I'll be diving into this full-tilt, with it being my primary concern for the month of July. The book's on track to be published next spring.

I also have a couple of Frontline manga pitches that may or may not happen.

Don Pendleton's Executioner:

Code of Honor and Caribbean Queen are done and in. They're on track to be published in, respectively, December of this year and June of next.


I turned in "Letter from Guadalajara" for More Tales of Zorro on 30 April, and am awaiting the okee dokee from Zorro Productions. To the best of my knowledge, this should be published before the end of the year.

Star Trek:

Seven Deadly Sins: "The Unhappy Ones" was turned in on 1 December of last year. No word on any editorial revisions, so I'm assuming the next stage is the copy edit. This is on track for spring 2010 publication.

I have three pitches in with IDW, two that I sent in on spec, one that I was asked for. The latter is with CBS awaiting approval.


I turned in the final revision of "Three Sides to Every Story" for 25 Years of Art and Fiction on 25 April, and gave the okay to the page proofs just last week. Catalyst Games Lab is hoping to give the book an early release at GenCon, but the book will be more formally on sale in the fall.


I'm this close to a deal for another Supernatural novel. Details when I have 'em.

Other stuff:

Assembled! 2: The Unauthorized Guide to Earth's Mightiest Heroes and Their Foes -- featuring my essay "Avengers Assemble--in the Bookstore!" -- should be out this fall.

I have a short story for a shared-world anthology that I'd hoped to have done by the end of June. Oops.

The licensor has approved the proposal for a YA trilogy based on a videogame. I know have to write sample chapters for Book 1.

I've got a tie-in novel proposal on an editor's desk, which he's enthusiastic about, he just has to sell it (the editor works for, in essence, a packager).

An original comic book proposal is on an editor's desk, which he's also enthusiastic about, he just needs space to open up in the publisher's schedule.

I've got two tie-in comics pitches that have been with the publisher since fall 2007. My breath, I ain't holdin' it.

I've got another tie-in pitch in to a publisher since 20 April, with two more that I've verbally pitched and need to write up.

My agent has given me notes on an original mystery, and now I have to write sample chapters.

My agent has also given me notes on an urban fantasy proposal -- that one I really have to write the whole manuscript for if I have any hope of selling. What I'm thinking about doing is carving out one hour per day to work on this. We'll see.

Anything else you might have seen in this space in the past is likely still on hold or dead. *laughs*

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