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4Pi-Con schedule

Here's what should be my schedule for 4Pi-Con, to be held in Pioneer Valley, Massachusetts from 21-23 August:

5-6pm: "SF Before 1939," with Terry Franklin, Daniel Hatch, and Allen Steele
6-7pm: "Media Tie-Ins," with Yvonne Carts-Powell and Terri Osborne
10-11pm: "Great Debate," with Genevieve Iseult Eldredge, Little Mel, Micah Schneider, and Jeff Warner

11am-12pm: "10 Panels in 60 Minutes," with Genevieve Iseult Eldgredge, Terri Osborne, David Sklar, and Jeff Warner
9-10pm: "Ask a Ninja," with Genevieve Iseult Eldgredge, Coelynn McIninch, Kerry Morgan, and Cecilia Tan
1-2am: "Eye of Argon Reading," with Shira Lipkin, Joy Marchand, and David Sklar

10-11am: "Podcasting 101," with Mike Luoma, Mitch Morris, Devo Spice, and Morven Westfield
11am-12pm: reading
2-3pm: "10 Ways to Polish Your Writing," with Yvonne Carts-Powell, Daniel Hatch, Raven Kaldera, and Joy Marchand

What's really bizarre? I'm on no panels with zarhooie, saraphina_marie, hughcasey, or ktpinto, and only one with shadesong.....
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