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Boogie Knights concert at Shore Leave 31

I've mentioned this before, but thought I'd repeat it: six of the fifteen songs in the Boogie Knights' set at 11am Saturday morning at Shore Leave 31 this weekend will be audience requests. Friday night, and Saturday morning before the show, there'll be a fishbowl and a pad of paper outside the Valley ballroom, and people can write down songs they want to hear, and we will do our damndest to perform them. (We reserve the right to refuse to do a song for whatever reason.)

Here are the remaining nine songs (so don't bother requesting these, as we're already doin' 'em):
    "Earth Magic Girls" (parody of Queen's "Fat-Bottomed Girls")
    "Outlaw Band of Thieves" (Cher's "Gypsies, Tramps, and Thieves")
    "Wanted: Harem Guard" (Billy Ray Cyrus's "Achy-Breaky Heart" -- yes, really)
    "Works Like a Charm" (Kansas's "Dust in the Wind")
    "I'm Gonna Wreck the Shrine" ("This Little Light of Mine," trad.)
    "Thank You, Scotland" (Mac Davis's "It's Hard to be Humble")
    "I'll Rock Your World" (Modern English's "I Melt with You")
    "Claxon Bells" ("Jingle Bells," trad.)
    "Dragon's Lure" (Buster Poindexter's "Hot Hot Hot")

Several of these are songs that have debuted since the last Shore Leave, and one -- "I'm Gonna Wreck the Shrine," which is the first Boogie song written and performed by self -- that will have its debut this weekend. Edited to add: Make that two -- as boogiebabe_smap pointed out in comments, Shore Leave will also be the debut of "Claxon Bells."

So come check us out Saturday at 11am at Shore Leave!
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