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some Shore Leave pictures...

Pictures that have been posted to Facebook from Shore Leave 31, many (but not all) of which are of me and my doppelgänger puppet. Photos are by Dawn Swingle, Susan Oleson, me, and whoever held Kevin G. Summers's camera.

The Roast

Me with the puppet:

Me laughing at, uh, something:

Me and the roastees (l-r: Glenn Hauman, Bob Greenberger, David Mack, Peter David, Michael Jan Friedman, Marco Palmieri, and Kevin Dilmore; Dayton Ward is hiding behind me like the coward he is):

MC Bob Greenberger:

Peter David:

Michael Jan Friedman:

The Boogie Knights concert

The whole band:

The Lady Pinque (Linda Swann), Alice the Cooper's Daughter (Kate Greenberger), and Lady Sarah of MacLachlan (Heather Scheeler):

Theodoric of York (Dave Keefer) and Sir John of Denver (John Scheeler):

Kate and Dionne of Warwick (Sharon Palmer)


Dave and John:


Me and my puppet singing "I'm Gonna Wreck the Shrine":

Other photos

Me, the puppet, and Kevin G. Summers:

The puppet:

The puppet along with Julien the Lemur Puppet:
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