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well, fuck

Our landlord had to give the apartment in the building that was going to go to terri_osborne to someone else due to an unforeseen emergency. Unfortunately, Terri could only afford the place because she wouldn't be required to do first/last/security, just start paying the rent. So she needs to find a place elsewhere (which will require that), which means she can't save up the money until the end of the year.

It's been a roller-coaster for the two of us, but after this weekend, we were both feeling okay about things -- but that was predicated on the clean break that would come when she moved out.

How-some-ever, we also roomed together at Shore Leave, and drove there and back together, without any significant difficulties. We should be able to manage for the next five months or so.

To add insult to injury, I took my parents' minivan down the hill to do some food shopping. I parked in a Staples parking lot, intending to go into the Staples after I did the food shopping. I came back to find someone trying to tow the minivan. This is what I get for not going into the Staples first -- they have security cameras, and if someone parks there and doesn't go into the store (or one of the ones in the same center), they call the tow truck.

$100 later, and I got the minivan back. Yeesh. Oh, and I didn't bother shopping at Staples. Fuckers.
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