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Walter Cronkite, RIP

And that's the way it was....

Walter Cronkite, the finest news anchor in the history of the world, has died at the age of 92. We will never see his like again.

Interestingly enough, the memory of him that comes to mind is one from six years ago, when I attended a dinner of the Heinlein Society at TorCon, the WorldCon in Toronto in 2003. One of the things they showed was an interview that Cronkite did with Heinlein in August 1969, shortly after Armstrong and Aldrin walked on the moon. The interview was depressing in hindsight, since none of the things Heinlein talked about came to pass, but it was still quite a thing to see.

Rest in peace, good sir. I always felt that, if there was an Almighty who had a male voice, it was Cronkite's.
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