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a review of The Sky's the Limit

Josh Edelglass has reviewed the Star Trek: The Next Generation anniversary anthology The Sky's the Limit for his Motion Pictures Comics blog. Part 1 is here, with Part 2 -- which includes my story "Four Lights" -- here.

Money quote:
In the waning days of the Dominion War, Captain Picard and the U.S.S. Enterprise-E rescue a Cardassian survivor from a Dominion attack — Gul Madred, the Cardassian who brutally tortured Picard in the two-part episode “Chains of Command.” Major credit to Mr. DeCandido for choosing to follow up on such a fascinating dangling story-line. I was enjoyably surprised at the unexpected ways that Picard’s interactions with Madred unfolded. I also loved the glimpse into just what the crew of the Enterprise was up to during the tumultuous years of the Dominion conflict. This is a fertile ground for stories, and while a few novels have given us glimpses of some of the Enterprise’s adventures during this time period, I still feel that there are still a lot more stories to be told...

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