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irons in the fire update


Gone and Back #1 came out last week. The script for #2 was turned in on 20 May, and Tommy Patterson's artwork and Ed Dukeshire's lettering are both done, with Zac Atkinson's colors almost there. It'll be out at the end of this month. The script for #3 was turned in on 5 June, with #4 on 26 June.

D'Argo's Trial #1 will be out on 12 August. Caleb Cleveland's pencils for #2 are done -- I turned in the revised script on 12 May. The revised scripts for #3-4 were both turned in on 26 June.

Farscape Volume 2 (or maybe 3, if we're counting the 2001 WildStorm two-issue mini) #1's script was turned in on 18 July, and Will Sliney's working on the art right now. The script for #2 is due 3 August, with #3 due 17 August and #4 due 31 August.

D'Argo's Quest's plot has been approved, with issue #1's script due 10 August, #2 due 24 August, #3 due 7 September, and #4 due 21 September.


Ghost Academy Volume 1 is all done and all approved, as of today. Fernando Furukawa is working on the artwork even as we speak, and the manga should be out in January of next year.

Spectres was turned in to Pocket on 20 July, and is awaiting Blizzard's approval. It's on track for April 2010 publication.

Star Trek

I turned in "The Unhappy Ones," my Klingon wrath story for Seven Deadly Sins, back on 1 December 2008. Awaiting the copy edited manuscript for this March 2010 publication.


Heart of the Dragon appears to truly be the final title of the book (as I was shown a cover design with that title just the other day), and the manuscript is due 1 October. Most of August and September will be spent with the Winchester family. Pub date is early 2010 -- not sure of the exact month as of yet.


"Three Sides to Every Story" was revised on 25 April, and has been approved and paid for. It's set to be published in 25 Years of Art and Fiction in October, with a possible preview appearance at GenCon.

Mack Bolan, Executioner

No changes here: Code of Honor's due to be released in December of this year, with Caribbean Queen to be published next June.


"Letter from Guadalajara" for More Tales of Zorro was turned in on 30 April. Still waiting for a final okay from Zorro Productions, but the book should be out by the end of the year.

Other stuff

The revised version of "Avengers Assemble--in the Bookstore!" in Assembled! 2 was turned in on 30 December 2008. We're hoping to have the book out by Dragon*Con, especially since I'm on a panel with editor Van Allen Plexico and several other contributors at the show....

I have two comics pitches with one publisher, three with another publisher (two on spec, one solicited), two with a third publisher (who's had it since 2007 and told me at SDCC that the project's on hold for the moment), and three with a fourth publisher (with two more to come this week).

A packager has a proposal for a tie-in novel, and I've also approached a publisher about pitching for another line of tie-in novels.

My agent liked the urban fantasy proposal, and now I have to write the whole novel in my copious spare time. She also liked the mystery proposal, and I have to carve out time to write the three chapters needed for that.

I've got a shared-universe short story I need to write, assuming the editor even still wants it.

Nothing else has changed since last month, I don't think....
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