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this is the game that never ends.....

The Yanks are up in the bottom of the 14th. Still no score. Boston has emptied its bullpen, with Japanese import Junichi Tazawa the last man standing in his major-league debut.

Jorge Posada and Robinson Cano just singled. Two on, one out for Eric Hinske, who came in as a pinch hitter several ice ages ago.

This has been an amazing game. 2-1 on Hinske. Will update as needed.

Update: Hinske hits a shot to right, but J.D. Drew makes a fantastic running catch for the second out. Fuck!

Now Melky Cabrera up for his 9000th shot at ending the game.....

Update #2: Melky hits a shot that's foul by an inch, then strikes out. Sigh.

On to the 15th.......

Update #3: Phil Coke pitches the top of the 15th. He retires the Sox in order. The punchy YES announcers are making fun of Paul O'Neill's yogurt.

Update #4: Derek Jeter leads off with a single. Johnny Damon bunts for no good reason, and with no real skill, as he pops out. Mark Teixeira strikes out.

YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Alex Rodriguez slugs a home run to left field to win the game, 2-0!!!!!!!!

Finally! (And Burnett just gave A-Rod a pie in the face......)
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