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Gone and Back #1 reviews

Now that the novelty's worn off, I haven't been seeing as many reviews of the Farscape comic as I used to. Sigh.

How-some-ever, Andre Lamar over at the "Line of Fire" review section of Comics Bulletin has reviewed Gone and Back #1, giving it 4.5 out of 5 bullets.

Money quote:
O’Bannon cleverly delves into the personalities of his characters and effectively knits appropriate dialogue for each of them. His understanding of the Farscape cast allows me to embrace the tone of any given panel. For instance, John Crichton’s blunt and smart mouth attitude from the television show are maintained in this script. Upon entering the alternate reality, and discovering Aeryn isn’t his wife, the alternate version of Chiana offers to cook Crichton a meal. Although he’s attempting to make sense of his new surroundings, the former astronaut in typical form replies with “Meal, uh, sounds like a good idea. I think I’m just sugar-crashing or something.”

An outsider from the series may overlook and dismiss the quote, believing it to be nothing of significance. But since I’m familiar with the John Crichton character, it pleases me to see that the writing intelligently represents him. Believability is essential to a fan and thankfully the storytelling delivers in this comic.

It's such a nice quote I'm willing to forgive Lamar's utterly ignoring my own contribution (especially since the dialogue, which he's specifically praising, is all me.....). *grin*

Two other reviews that are floating around include one from Andrea Speed at comiXtreme (who only gave it a 3/5) and one from the "Things I Like" blog (for which the money quote for me is "This is a good book" *grin*).
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