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beach training 2009

Every year on the second Sunday in August, all four of the local Kenshikai dojos gather at Field 5 at Jones Beach to have a big workout, and then we hang out together on the beach. This tradition dates back to Seido, the discipline that Kenshikai branched off from in 2001, and it's a great deal of fun.

Yesterday was this year's beach training, and it was a bit of a challenge on two fronts. One: it was overcast and chilly in New York yesterday morning. I actually did half the training with my sleeves rolled down, which my sweaty self never does. Two: we line up in rank order. The front line were the three Shihans (sixth-degree black belts) who are the ones who run the discipline (and the training), and three of the four dojos. Next in line are the senseis (fourth-degree), and then two more lines, one of the remaining black belts, one of all the color belts. I was the senior-most color belt there, so I was all the way on one end of the long line of white, blue, yellow, green, and brown belts, and between the rough tide (it was brutal yesterday) and the distance, I couldn't really hear what the Shihans were saying. It was a bit of a challenge to keep up, since I had to follow what the black belts were doing, so I felt like I was a step behind everyone.

Still, it was an excellent workout -- as always, my favorite part was when we moved into the water, doing kicks -- and then afterward we had a great time hanging around.

The highlight was volleyball. We broke into two eight-person teams and played two games, and I'm proud to say that my team won both times. Best of all was the second game, when I came up to serve a 0-0 game -- and by the time I was done serving, we were up 14-0. *boogie*

Much fun was had by all. Osu!

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