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getting together with high school buddies

Last night, a bunch of my fellow members of the Class of 1986 at Cardinal Spellman High School got together at a bar in Westchester. One of our classmates who moved to Atlanta was in town visiting family, and we used that as an excuse to get together.

This is the second one of these that we've had this year. I missed the last one, unfortunately, and I came within a hairsbreadth of blowing off this one -- too many deadlines, too hot outside, etc. -- but I'm glad I ignored the voices in my head and went anyhow. There were folks present who have remained close friends since high school, folks I hadn't seen at all since high school, folks I don't remember at all from high school, and folks I've only seen a few times since.

It was absolutely fantastic. If you've friended me on Facebook, you can see many of the pictures that were taken.
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