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lack of progress....

Well, I didn't actually get any more progress on Heart of the Dragon last night, as karate class was particularly intense, and I had a few other things to take care of last night, plus I was pooped, and Leverage and Dark Blue were on. *grin*

Leverage continues to rock my socks. I was especially glad to see a con go wrong, not because they were made or because they screwed up or something like that, but because the con worked too well and the mark went crazier than expected with it.

And I liked the switching up of roles, continuing the theme of integrating the team better from the first-season finale. I especially liked that Sophie ran the con and they didn't go for either of the obvious extreme choices: that she would be better at it than Nate or that she'd be completely incompetent at it. Instead, she was good at it, made a couple of mistakes, but nothing major, and overall comported herself quite well.

And Eliot snarking Hardison about being stuck in the wind while a smartass sits at a laptop had me rolling.....

As for Dark Blue, I find myself enjoying it despite myself. I was amused by last night's reunion of Guys Who Played Enforcers For Drug Crews On The Wire -- the two main bad guys were played by Gbenga Akinnagbe (Chris Partlow, Marlo Stanfield's enforcer) and Hassan Johnson (Wee-Bay Brice, Avon Barksdale's enforcer) -- and I like the team dynamic, and everyone's dialogue except Dylan McDermott's. It's ridiculous that they have so many different undercover things going on like that, and they insert themselves far too easily. Most of these cases would take months and months to establish and bring to a close. Just once I'd like to see a show about undercovers that just does one case over the course of a season.

Really, though, McDermott is awful in this. His character's a tiresome stereotype, and the only reason he works at all is that he functions well with the other three (last night's "He shaves?" had me rolling), who are all much more interesting and inhabiting their roles better.

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