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a wine-y contest

Laura Anne Gilman, a.k.a. suricattus, is holding a contest that might be of interest to those of you reading this blog. I'll just use her own words.............

In two months -- exactly! -- I will be sitting in this chair, happily freaking out over the fact that Flesh and Fire: Book 1 of the Vineart War will be hitting the shelves.

But why should y'all have to wait [or take my word for it] to see why I'm so excited?

So. A contest seems to be in order, with the winner(s) getting the first finished copy of Flesh and Fire available (yes, you get a keeper copy before I do!).

However, I'm going to make you work for it [hey, it's a hardcover!]. But work of the [hopefully] fun sort.

The Rules: Take one of the three options, and describe it... in the style of a wine review. Points for using an obscure but real wine term, more points for creating a term that sounds like it should be a real wine term. Lots of points of you make me want to run out and buy that vintage.

Your Choices:

Fannish: The Star Wars Trilogy (original, as-released, Han shot first)
Political: Barack Obama (I figured he'd have a sense of humor about this, and not send the SecSer after me -- and if he did, it would just be publicity, right?)
Personal: kradical [What, you thought I'd let you take a shot at me? Do I LOOK that nuts? EtA; oh, all right. If you must. I'll admit to some cautious curiosity]

the fine print

The contest will run from today through 25 August and is open to anyone who lives within reach of the USPS [if I have to hire a jungle porter to deliver the book, fuggedaboutit]. I'll choose one winner from North America, and one from Elsewhere, so be sure to mention where you live in your entry!

You don't have to be a LJer to enter, but PLEASE remember to sign your posts so I have a way to reach you, otherwise you'll be disqualified.

[for those of you with no idea where to start -- try]

I have to admit to a certain morbid curiosity.... *laughs*

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