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first D'Argo's Trial #1 review

In this week's "Buy Pile" column at Comic Book Resources, Hannibal Tabu lists D'Argo's Trial #1 in his "honorable mentions" section, which is the stuff that is, as he puts it, "worth noting, even if it's not good enough to buy."

Which explains the mixed message of what seems to be a positive review except for the use of the word "almost" in the final sentence.....
"Farscape: D'argo's Trial" #1 was a pleasant surprise. You don't have to know anything about "Farscape" to appreciate this story of broken interspecies love, intolerance and a thirst for revenge. This is a smart, well crafted issue, and the lead character's central motivation was almost enough to sell this story.

Whatever. I'll take "This is a smart, well crafted issue" any day.... *grin*
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