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my Sunday feeling

Finally home after a fun weekend out of town with friends and fun folk. Getting home was easy until I actually reached NYC, at which point the MTA conspired to make life annoying. I expected things to take long on a Sunday night, but Jesus....

First it took forever for my usual train to come, then when about 2/3 of the way home, they announced that debris was falling at an upcoming station, so I had to switch to another train, which would also get me home. However, I live in what used to be called, in the pre-MetroCard days, a two-fare zone, which means a train and a bus. The alternate route was likewise, but with only one bus as an option on Sunday night instead of the two that would be on my usual route, plus in a pinch I can walk home on my usual route -- not so much on the alternate.

So I had to wait forever for the second train, and then forever longer for the bus. Yeesh.

But I'm home now........
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