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some more reviews of D'Argo's Trial #1

First up is Louis Johnson at Fandomania, which is mostly plot summary, but about which many nice (and funny) things are said.

Money quote: "Overall, this issue was a good start to a potentially great storyline."

The ever-reliable Andrea Speed once again gives a Farscape comic a 3/5 at comiXtreme, as she is starting to get Farscape'd out. Ah, well.

Money quote: "it's done well for all of its familiarity."

Finally, less a review than a preview, Rick Marshall at MTV's Splash Page had this to say about D'Argo's Trial #1:
I have a soft spot for the over-too-soon series "Farscape"--probably due to my affection for any and all things Jim Henson Company. Boom Studios has been doing a bang-up job evolving the "Farscape" universe under the watchful eye of series creator Rockne O'Bannon and veteran writer Keith R. A. DeCandido, and this latest miniseries should be more of the same.
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