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two more Gone and Back #2 reviews

Louis Johnson of Fandomania has provided an entertaining plot summary and review of Farscape: Gone and Back #2.

Money quote:
This arc is killer so far. We learn more about Deke and the pivotal role he plays in the future. Surprisingly, we learn that Aeryn is more important than previously surmised. And the twist at the end may help answer a critical question plaguing John’s mind.

I’m really hooked, and I’m glad these comics continue the tradition of the television series in a faithful way.

Andrea Speed once again reviews the comic for comiXtreme, and once again gives 3/5, but there's more positive to say this time (at least about the story).

Money quote:
There's another twist at the end that's a bit more surprising. The story's okay, but the art is extremely uneven, seemingly changing to a better (and more boldly colored) style when we get to the Peacekeeper ship, but a bit messy and loose everywhere else. Very strange. Okay – and I actually liked the twist at the end, which suggests a great deal of plot planning.

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