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irons in the fire update


D'Argo's Trial: All four scripts are done. #1 is out, #2's art, coloring, and lettering are done, and #3 is in process--right now we're awaiting pencils from Caleb Cleveland.

Gone and Back: All four scripts are done. #1-2 are both out, and #3 is pretty much done at this point. #4 is in process--Tommy Patterson's working on the art.

D'Argo's Quest: The scripts for #1-2 are done and approved; art will commence once Trial is finished (same artist, Caleb Cleveland). The script for #3 is due 7 September.

Farscape: The scripts for the first three issues of the ongoing monthly are also done, with the artwork by Will Sliney done for #1, and it's also been colored. #4's script is due today.


I'm in the midst of Heart of the Dragon, which is due on 30 September. It's set to be published in February 2010.


Ghost Academy Volume 1 is done and approved; Fernando Furukawa is working on the art, and it's due to be published in January. Spectres is done and awaiting approval; it's set to be published in April.

Star Trek

To the best of my knowledge, "The Unhappy Ones" in Seven Deadly Sins is on track. I have yet to see a copy-edited manuscript. I turned in the novella to the initial editor, who was laid off two days later. I never heard a single thing from the second editor about it (though it was still listed as being in the book when she gave a presentation at Shore Leave in July), and then she got laid off last week. So I don't know what the heck's going on with it, but I imagine it'll still happen.

I also will be doing another Trek comic for IDW -- the plot was approved over the weekend. Once I get the go-ahead, I'll say more about it.

Finally, my article on Kang (my favorite Klingon) was turned in to the editor of Star Trek: The Magazine on 18 August, and will be in the issue that hits in November.

The Executioner

Code of Honor is set to be published in December, with Caribbean Queen due in June 2010.


Assembled! 2 with my essay on the Marvel novels should be out at Dragon*Con this weekend.

"Three Sides to Every Story" in BattleTech: 25 Years of Art and Fiction had a prerelease at GenCon and should be generally available soon.

"Letter from Guadalajara" in More Tales of Zorro is awaiting the final okay from Zorro Productions.

A shared-universe short story is horribly late. I'll see the editor this weekend and sheepishly ask him if he still wants it...

The YA proposal and sample chapters have fallen by the wayside and I need to get back on the stick with that.

I have completed the sample chapters and revised proposal of the mystery novel and sent it to my agent, who will rip it to pieces soon enough. Beyond this, none of the original projects have gotten very far.

In terms of comics pitches, at one publisher I have three pitches on an editor's desk; at another I've got one full proposal and three pitches, plus a request for two other pitches, with one editor, and another proposal with another editor (who really likes it but needs a space in the schedule to open); and two more with another going back to 2007 that I only mention for the entertainment value.

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