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I'm off this coming weekend to FenCon VI in Dallas, Texas as a Special Guest. Here's what my schedule is shaping up to be:

11am-1pm: The FenCon Writer's Workshop Session A (Elm)
2-4pm: The FenCon Writer's Workshop Session B (Elm)
6-7pm: "Just a Minute" (Trinity I/II), a play on the British game show, w/Paul Cornell, Alan J. Porter, Tom Smith, and Shanna Swendson
7-8pm: Opening Ceremonies (Oak Ballroom)
8-9pm: "Superhero Fiction" (Addison Lecture Hall), w/Beverly A. Hale, A. Lee Martinez, Caroline Spector, and Rob Rogers
10-11pm: "Plan 9 from Outer Space and 50 Years of Bad Movies" (Addison Lecture Hall), w/Lou Antonelli, Christopher Fulbright, Teddy Harvia, and A. Lee Martinez

11am-12pm: "KRADical" (Oak Ballroom), Rhonda Eudaly interviews me
1-2pm: Friend of the Fen GoH Autograph Session (Gallery), a special session for FotF members
2-3pm: Reading (Pecan)
8-11pm: Masquerade (Oak Ballroom), where I'll be one of the judges

11am-12pm: "Writing Tie-ins" (Oak Ballroom), w/Candy Havens, Alan J. Porter, Bradley Sinor, Amy Sisson, and Kathryn Sullivan
12-1pm: "Trek vs. Who" (Trinity I/II), w/Rosemary Clement-Moore, Paul Cornell, Michael Nelson, and Shanna Swendson
2-3pm: "Two Guys and Their Comics" (Trinity I/II), w/Paul Cornell
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