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greetings from Gate D8

I'm enjoying the 20 minutes of free wifi that Boingo offers to folks as long as they sit through an ad. Sitting here waiting for the plane to board and listening to the iPod. Amusingly, the gods of shuffle provided me with entertainment, going from Bob Dylan's "Solid Rock" to Dire Straits's "Solid Rock." The two songs share little in common beyond title and generally heavy guitar work, but it amused me.

Debated checking luggage right up until the part where they said I'd have to pay $15, at which point I figured I'd be okay carrying my overnight bag (which fits fine in the overhead compartments, but which is also filled with books I want to sell this weekend). Not that I can't afford the $15, but it's the principle of the thing. If I had a bag that didn't fit in the overhead, I'd have to pay the $15. What if I didn't have it? What would happen then? It's a despicable practice, and one I'm not eager to contribute to.

Looking forward to FenCon!
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