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Schott's Miscellany 24 September 2009

Patty Hearst was sentenced to seven years in jail for her part in a bank robbery (1976)


Some of the internationally recognized marine distress signals:

Continuous sounding of any fog-signaling apparatus
Gun or other explosive device fired at intervals of one minute
Rockets or shells with red stars fired singly at short intervals
The spoken word mayday repeated where possible
Signaling SOS (. . . _ _ _ . . .) in Morse code by any method
Displaying "N C" (November, Charlie) in flags
Square flag with ball (or anything similar) above or below it
Flames on a vessel, including a burning tar or oil barrel
Rocket parachute or hand flare showing a red light
Smoke signal giving off orange smoke
Raising and lowering arms outstretched to either side
Radiotelegraphy alarm
Dye marker
Orange-colored canvas with black square and circle

Thanks to modern technology...history now comes equipped with a fast-forward button.
Gore Vidal (1925-)
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