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Tuesday's dead

A day in the life of a Census lister/freelance writer:

9.15am: Hop on the bus (Gus) to facility that was closed yesterday for Yom Kippur.
9.30am: Conduct interview.
9.45am: Take bus to Starbucks to finish off paperwork on that interview, then work on Heart of the Dragon until...
11am: Meet with Crew Leader, hand in completed work, get new assignment.
11.15am: Attempt to do two interviews, but get no answer at either place.
11.45am: Head downtown for monthly lunch with infinitydog and Marco Palmieri. Work on HotD on the subway.
12.30pm: Arrive early for lunch, but bronxbob350 and helgabee are there having lunch, and hang with them for half an hour.
1pm: Have lunch with Dave and Marco.
2.30pm: Head to PO box and then to Pocket Books to pick up copy edits for Seven Deadly Sins.
3pm: Grab a soda in a deli and write a bit of HotD that occurred to me as I was walking up 5th Avenue.
3.15pm: Head back home, reading over copy edit on subway.
4pm: Attempt to do two interviews with more success this time, though the listing may be screwy on one of them. Attempt a third interview, but they need to check with their bosses first.
5pm: Go to Starbucks to do as much paperwork as possible and also call Crew Leader to fill her in. Stop along the way to vote in the primary runoff.
5.30pm: Come home, read (and reply to) various e-mails.
5.45pm: Nap.
6.30pm: Head to dojo for, in order, the annual "class photo," then kata class, then fighting class.
10pm: Head home from dojo after all that, and veg in front of TV while eating Japanese food.

And that was my day. Blorfle....
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