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Schott's Miscellany 2 October 2009

Julius "Groucho" Marx born (1890)


Since the presidential election of 2000, Republican and Democratic states have been represetned on TV and in the press by red and blue, respectively. (The Federal Election Commission's 2004 election report uses the same coding.) Yet, prior to this, most used the opposite colors: Regan's "lake" in 1980, for example, turned blue. The reason for the switch in colors is unclear. The Washington Post apportioned blame to the NBC graphic department and to a joke by David Letterman who, during the lengthy 2000 recount, suggested a compromise to "make George W. Bush President of the red states and Al Gore head of the blue ones." The resulting (and seamless) shift into "red and "blue" state thinking was elegantly captured (and perhaps catalyzed) by David Brooks's 2001 Atlantic Monthly essay "One Nation, Slightly Divisible."

It is unbecoming for a Cardinal to ski badly.
Pope John Paul II (1920-2005)
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