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"Growing up on the Klingon starbase Morska, it was no problem for Klenginem - whose real name is Quvar muHwI' valer - to receive the most different kinds of communication waves, among which also the terran rap-music.

"As a communications officer, it was no problem for him to adapt the songs to the Klingon music, and then he presented his first try to the warriors of the Dark Vengeance Fleet. To make his pseudonym, he used the name of a famous Terran rap-singer, from the 'Klingon Eminem' he got the name 'Klenginem.'

"As the response was larger than expected, having fans up til high command, Klenginem made several new songs. To reach a larger audience, and become famous throughout the galaxy, some of the songs were also sung in federation standard, and some terran and Klingon melodies folksongs were included into Klenginem's repertoire.

"Now, with his third album, Hard Rock for Klingons, Klenginem now dares a complete Heavy-Metal-only album. It includes a few known titles, but also some completely new pieces.

You can't make this shit up. *laughs* Thanks to wrenn for the link....

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