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Schott's Miscellany 8 October 2009

A cow caused the great fire of Chicago by kicking over a kerosene lamp while she was being milked (1871)


Never move cats from one house to another.

If you wish to move a cat from one house to another take it out through the window. You will have very bad luck if you take it out any other way.

You will have bad luck if you move a cat. The bad luck may be averted, however, if you first measure the cat's tail with a stick and cut the stick off so that it is exactly the length of the cat's tail. The stick must then be buried.

You will have bad luck if you move a cat unless you first cut off a piece of the cat's fur and bury it.

To make a cat stay at a new home cut off a piece of its fur and bury it there.

---Hilda Roberts, "Louisiana Superstitions," The Journal of American Folklore, 1927

A good holiday is one spent among people whose notions of time are vaguer than yours.
J.B. Priestley (1894-1984)
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