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HG World Season 0 Episode 4: "Walk in Their Masquerade"

In this episode, we meet the Constables of HG World who have their quiet night interrupted by the announcement of a shocking decision. When Ronni falls ill, Hicks heads to town for supplies, only to run into an old friend with a sinister plan. Hicks and Dogberry find the last store in Wishwell under siege by Eaters, with looters trapped inside along with the staff. The fate of McInnes and his men looks grim as the United Nations force counts its dead and tries to decide which way to head next.

Starring Keith R.A. DeCandido as Todd Rage, Scott C. Wentworth as Keith, Dustin Shanafelter as David and Pimples, Lance Shoenberg as Krantz, D.T. Kelly as Jebediah, Michael L. Stokes as Jack and Captain Grant, Glen Bartram as Harris, Rebecca Rinas as Ronni, Ryan Smith as Hicks, Ayoub Khote as McInnes, Lee Sands as Dogberry, Dayton Ward and Scott Wentworth as the Robbers, Shane Harris as Auggie, Roy Winger as HEFTY, Cheryl Malcom as Shelly, Stacy Dooks as Gray, and Mark Zaricor as Reverend Dawkins.

The episode was written and directed and edited by Jay Smith, engineered by Michael Stokes.

HG World is produced by Jay Smith & Michael L. Stokes with production assistance by Martha Linbo-Terhaar and Carole Stokes and production logo and additional art by Adrianna Linbo-Terhaar.

You can get the episode at iTunes, or download it from or at 3015 North Productions' podOmatic page. And feel free to comment at the message board.

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