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some notes on White Collar and The Jeff Dunham Show (no spoilers)

White Collar is very very good. Excellent cast, crisp writing, sharp dialogue -- they hit the trifecta. And the show actually has legs as a concept. In a lot of ways, it's the same premise as Castle, except Detective Beckett has no actual control over Richard Castle. But it works, and I hope this makes Tim DeKay the household name he's always deserved to be. My only complaint about the pilot was that Mark Sheppard didn't get nearly enough screen time.

The show also reminded me that I've been meaning to download "Hold On, I'm Coming" by Sam & Dave off of iTunes.....

As for The Jeff Dunham Show -- sigh. I wanted to like this, as I'm a huge fan of Dunham's, but the sketches just weren't funny. Dunham's skills are best used on stage, and in fact the show was at its best when it was him on stage bantering with the dummies. Sadly, once they cut to a pre-filmed sketch, it just tanked. It might get better, but I suspect that this is a misuse of Dunham's talents.

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