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my black belt

When I was at the parents' place today, girasole had the Infomancer take a picture of my shiny new black belt. It came out with more blue in it thanks to the flash, but here it is:

The sewn-in text is Japanese. On the right is the full name of our discipline spelled out (Kenshikai-kan Karate-do Association). On the left is my name transliterated into katakana characters. The stripe under it indicates that I'm first degree (shodan). If I make it to nidan (second degree), a second stripe will be added. The Shihans all have six stripes.

Yesterday was a very very good day. I got my black belt, the Yankees won the pennant, and I got to celebrate both with the people I love most, including a celebratory dinner at V&T's, a pizzeria across the street from the Cathedral of St. John the Divine on Amsterdam and 111th that's been around since 1945. girasole first discovered the place when she was a grad school student at Columbia University in 1972, and we've been going there somewhat regularly ever since.

And as I type this, I have a cat in my lap. *smile* Life is good....
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