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Election Day

You have to wonder who Bill Thompson pissed off in the Democratic Party in order to be tapped to run against Mike Bloomberg for mayor of New York. Bloomberg -- who pretended to be Republican in order to ride Rudolph Giuliani's coattails -- is running as an independent. There is no Republican candidate (I don't think -- I'll know for sure when I go to the polls), because Giuliani is the only person in the Republican party who has mattered in greater New York politics in my lifetime. Seriously, until Giuliani ran in 1991, every city-wide election (and most local ones outside of Staten Island) was decided during the Democratic primary. And, in fact, all the other city races this year were decided in September.

Anyhow, Bloomberg is a popular two-term mayor who has actually done a mostly good job, and I just don't see any way for Thompson to beat him. The mayor has a twelve-point lead in the polls....
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