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a World Series poem, hastily constructed, badly written

Here's to A-Rod and his Centaur pic
Here's to Damon Johnny and Swisher Nick

Here's to CC, A.J., and Mo
Here's to Molina, Cervelli, and Po

Here's to the Captain in the leadoff spot
Here's to Marte for getting red-hot

Here's to Teixeira and his stretchy right leg
Here's to fifth starters for which we would beg

Here's to Joba and Phil, arms for the future
Here's to Chien-Ming Wang and his sutures

Here's to Melky and Gardner, fighting for starts
Here's to Hairston and Hinske and other spare parts

Here's to Cashman who put it together
Here's to Cano, who can't handle bad weather

Here's to the bullpen from D-Rob to Ace
Here's to Pettitte and the killer gaze

Here's to Matsui, Most Valuable Player
And here's to Girardi, who'll need a new number

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