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irons in the fire update

StarCraft: My work for Ghost Academy Volume 1 is done. It's due for publication in early 2010. What I've seen of Fernando Furukawa's art so far is stellar. I just turned in a second draft of Spectres, and I'm awaiting Blizzard's notes. That's currently due for publication in fall 2010, last I heard.

Supernatural: Working right now on revisions to Heart of the Dragon, which is still due out in February 2010.

Farscape: I've written the first five issues of the new ongoing series, with #6 due in the next week or so. The first issue is due to ship on 25 November. Will Sliney's done the art for the first three issues, and is almost done with #4. The script for D'Argo's Quest #3 was just approved, and I have to get #4 done soon, also. D'Argo's Trial #4 will be out on 11 November.

Star Trek: The copy edit for "The Unhappy Ones" for Seven Deadly Sins was returned to the publisher on 7 October; that's still due to be published in the spring of 2010. My article for the magazine on Kang was turned in on 18 August, and should be in the December issue. I've got another Klingony article coming in an early 2010 issue, which is due in the next week or so. I've also got some pitches in to IDW, and a script turned in on 15 September for a project I can't talk about yet.

The Executioner: Code of Honor is printed and has been released to Executioner subscribers. It'll be in stores in December. Caribbean Queen is due out in June 2010.


"Letter from Guadalajara" in More Tales of Zorro was turned in on 30 April. Awaiting approval from Zorro Productions.

An original mystery proposal needs me to incorporate notes from my agent. I've got an urban fantasy for which I've written the proposal and need to write at least three chapters, if not the whole book. I've got a notion for a historical mashup that I need to do research for. And I need to rejigger Super City Police Department to something more workable.

I've still got several queries, pitches, and proposals floating around out there. Some have fallen through, others have hope, but most are in the wait-and-see category.

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