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Schott's Miscellany 6 November 2009

Tchaikovsky committed suicide by taking arsenic in order to avoid allegations of a homosexual affair (1893)


Bezoars are collections of solidified matter that form within the stomach or small intestines. Commonly found in animals (especially grass-eating ruminants), bezoars have been traditionally prized for their "magical" powers. For example, Lapis bezoar orientale, obtained from the stomachs of antelopes and Persian wild goats, was considered to be particularly effective against poison. (The word bezoar derives from Persian badzahr: bad meaning "against," and zahr meaning "poison.") In rare cases, usually associated with psychiatric disorders, bezoars occur in human beings. If bezoars grow to form an obstruction, they may require surgical removal. Three classical types of human bezoar are recognized:

Trichobezoar: a collection of hair
Phytobezoar: a collection of fruits and vegetable matter
Trichophytobezoar: a collection of hair and fruit and vegetable matter

Good prose is like a window pane.
George Orwell (1903-50)

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