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Schott's Miscellany 16 November 2009

Dr. David Livingstone first saw and named Victoria Falls on the Border of Zimbabwe and Zambia (1855)


"The first 100 days" has been used on a number of occasions to describe the first three "honeymoon" months of a new political administration--during which it is assumed that radical reforms may be accomplished with less than the usual opposition. The phrase seems to have originated in 1815 to describe the period 20 March-28 June--between Napoleon's escape from Elba and the second restoration of Louis XVIII following England's victory at Waterloo. The Oxford English Dictionary credits Louis de Chabrol de Volvic, Prefect of Paris, with coining the phrase inm a speech to the king: "Cent jours se sont écoulés depuis le moment fatal où votre majesté quitta sa capitale." The archives of the Times indicate that a range of figures have had their "100 days" scrutinized, including: LBJ, Richard Nixon, JFK*, Margaret Thatcher, and Tony Blair. Most famous, however, are FDR's initial 100 days as president in 1933, during which he pioneered the New Deal.

* John F. Kennedy's presidency (20 Jan. 1961-22 Nov. 1963) is occasionally referred to as the 1,000 days.

XERISCAPE--a landscape designed to minimize irrigation
"Legoland is, among other things, a xeriscape."
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