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having phun at Philcon

About to head off to the Eye of Argon reading. Have seen lots of nifty people too numerous to name here. There was (I am told) a pharmaceutical conference of some sort going on here until this morning, and they left the place a huge mess, so everything started late. The ballrooms and hallways were still covered in detritus. Certainly kept things interesting....

My reading had six people attending -- especially nice given that it was on the sixth floor in a room that wasn't even open when the reading started (I commenced the reading sitting in front of the door with folks in a circle around me) -- and I read "Letter from Guadalajara" (the More Tales of Zorro story) and bits from "The Unhappy Ones" (the Star Trek: Seven Deadly Sins story).

If you follow me on Facebook, you will see periodic updates of funny things I've heard and/or said at the convention. *grin*
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