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giving thanks

I am thankful for the good stuff.

I am thankful for my readers and my fans and my supporters.

I am thankful for the International Association of Media Tie-in Writers, who saw fit to give me a Lifetime Achievement Award for reasons passing understanding.

I am thankful for artists Will Sliney, Tommy Patterson, Neal Edwards, and Caleb Cleveland, and for my collaborator Rockne S. O'Bannon, who have all been joys to work with on the Farscape comics.

I am thankful for Ross, Chip, Matt, Ian, Mark, Nelson, Johanna, Dafna, Bryce, Neil, Jenny, and the rest of the BOOM! Studios folk, who have made me feel like part of the family.

I am thankful for Lucienne Diver, the bestest agent ever, and for all my editors -- Chris, Cath, Jaime, Marco, Troy, and the rest.

I am thankful for the conventions who have invited me to come and be a guest.

I am thankful for my fellow Boogie Knights, who allow me to continue to enrich my soul with music.

I am thankful for The Chronic Rift, allowing me to babble.

I am thankful for HG World, allowing me to play a right-wing Vietnam-veteran radio host.

I am thankful for David Mack and the rest of the gang who roasted me at Shore Leave, dear friends, all.

I am thankful for Shihan and everyone at the dojo, and I am thankful for my black belt, an accomplishment that means far more than I realized it would.

I am thankful for friends and family and felines.

I am thankful for W and T.

I am thankful for surviving to my 40th birthday.

And I am thankful that this roller-coaster of a year is almost over. *wry grin*
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