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Thursday in the park with Keith

Came into Manhattan to meet up with the Godmommy, who got me a pair of jeans for Christmas (I needed to go with her, as I wasn't 100% sure if my jeans size was the same as it was when last I purchased such things, as my belly has altered in size somewhat the past few years), and also to go to the PO box.

This morning, the UPS folks delivered the page proofs for "The Unhappy Ones," the "wrath" novella in the upcoming Star Trek: Seven Deadly Sins anthology. I starting proofing the pages on the train ride down and finished 'em while eating lunch. Now I'm sitting in Bryant Park, using their free wireless and writing up the corrections in an e-mail that I will e-mail to La Editor, then hop on the express bus home.

I love living in the modern world sometimes. Okay, all the time....
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